Flies for Alaska, Flyfishing Techniques and Fly Patterns
Flyfish Alaska! I have guided from Kodiak to Nome since 1989 working for a wide variety of fly out fishing lodges. I have fished many different watersheds learning the habits, instincts and ways of the Alaskan species. I learned the best flies, techniques to hook and land the fish, and the equipment you will need for Alaska. Now you can fish with my knowledge and the flies that I have in my fly box. Click on a species below. For each species you will receive a package of at least six fly patterns, detailed tying instructions, as well as the best fishing techniques to use for each of the different flies, and recommended equipment for your trip. I have selected the very best flies, bountiful daily producers that I have used during the past ten summers guiding in Alaska. I've done the many hours of fishing and experimenting so you can spend your time doing the catching.    – Tight Lines, Brad Terrell
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